Strong as an Ox


I decided a little while back to switch from my own home-grown XNA framework to using an existing one.
I had a look around but couldn’t find one that met my requirements, I was after a solid, modern, game engine that wasn’t tied into a specific type of game.


Most of the engines I came accross seemed to be using the old shove everything into one scene graph method, until I came across the Ox Game Engine (

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Floating in Space

Feature #1: Space Merchants (Yes I will think of a better name at some point) will be set entirely in our solar system.

Sounds small? Well consider that there are 8 major planets, 5 dwarf planets, 166 known moons, billions of small objects and 1 sun contained in roughly 2 light years or 125, 000 AU or 18,700,000,000,000 km/11,619,641,290,400 miles out from the sun.
I’m hoping that will give enough space and interesting locations to visit, and that’s before you start adding space stations and the like.

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