Space Merchants – The Game

So what is this game idea I’m working on at the moment?

Well, Space Merchants (working title) simply put is a Freeform Space Opera* with a semi-random storyline, complex supply and demand trading, ship-to-ship and personal combat in a 2D game using 3D effects.

Phew, well what does that mean? Well it gives me a lot of scope and a lot of rope to hang myself!
Basically, you, the player, plays the part of a starship captain. You can then decide what to do Elite style.

What’s different to the way I usually design games is that I haven’t written it all out in a design doc first, apart from a few scribbled notes.
Usually, I’d spend quite a bit of time working on the design doc before I even put fingers to keyboard. 

This time however, I’ve decided to design and impliment the game differently.

Because it’s a freeform game, I’m planning on creating a sandbox simulation first, and then build the game features on top of that.
I think this will work because I want the player to have the feeling that the game world is going on around them.
That the player can affect that world but that the world would just as happily continue without them, and, most importantly, they feel absorbed by the game world because of it.

To this end, although the game will have story arcs, and specific things to do. Completion of these are Achievements rather than static missions leading to an end game scenario.

It’s ambitious, yes, but then it wouldn’t be one of my games if it wasn’t stupidly ambitious! ;)

I will reveal more in future postings….


* I always love the phrase Space Opera, it’s seriously overused by journo’s and always gives me the image of a large woman wearing a viking helmet singing along inside a giant space cruiser! Maybe it’s just me :)

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