Car Jack Streets

A Long Time Ago In An Indie Developer’s Blog Not So Far Away….

I know! it’s been far far too long since I posted to my blog.

I try to post relevent items rather than making it a longer text version of Twitter like some people, but sometimes that’s hard to find the time and energy.

Anyway, a small update on what I’ve been up to….

Not much done on Space Merchants sadly.

I had some small contract work with the guys at Tag Games working on the high score backend system for the iPhone / iPod version of their new iPhone game Car Jack Streets.

The guys at Tag are always a joy to work with.

I’ve also been following the comments Paul (Farley) makes using Twitter to promote it as well, which often livens up the day.

Car Jack Streets is a great little game, the guys at Tag were responsible for the original GTA games and CJS is definately a spiritual successor for Generation Twitter.

It was only a small contract, although very welcome, and unfortunately things have dried up again on the game dev contracting front.

It’s been getting some rave reviews too. So give it a try if you liked GTA have an iPhone/iPod then I do recommend it.

Apart from that it’s still quiet on the ground though, I decided to see if Internet Marketing could help to bring in some money (yes I’ve got that desperate) but to be honest I find avoiding all the “Get Rich Quick” scams really tiring.

I’ve dug around a bit though and found some real nuggets amongst the crap. I’ve already learned a hell of a lot about SEO, PPC, and selling online in general from my foray, which has already paid for itself by improving our google ads marketing for Ferion

We are about to start on a website for a new client using Flex which if you don’t know what that is, it’s an intelligent way of making Flash movies or to put it another way, it’s Flash for programmers ;-)

I’m hoping to use this experience of making a commercial product in Flex, and apply it to remaking All Out War which is in dire need of a remake and I’ve been wanting to do it for a while.

So hopefully things will pick up, I had to turn down work yesterday!! Someone phoned up wanting a full business reporting app, and with the new website and other things on I just felt we couldn’t handle it at the moment.
Not that we can afford to turn it down and that’s the most depressing thing!

Looking forward to Cliffski’s new game Gratuitous Space Battles which looks like it’s shaping up nicely. It’s a real time space strategy game that does away with the base-building stuff and gets straight to the heart of the genre, the massive battles!
It’s looking pretty good and Cliff has been revealing bits along the way on his blog and YouTube

In other news, it was my birthday on Wednesday! I’m now 31…. not sure how that makes me feel :-|

UPDATE: I’ve received word that Car Jack Streets is a mere 59p / $0.99 / €0.79 this weekend, so well worth the look

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