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Apologies if you’ve already seen this but I came across a fascinating Twitter based game for the upcoming Terminator : Salvation film the other day.

The basic premise is that the human resistance has apparently hacked into SkyNet’s Twitter channel and is coordinating they’re own movements using it.

Resistance to Twitter is Futile

Resistance to Twitter is Futile

The Twitternator

The game sends out different types of messages;

  1. Resistance Assignments (Abbreviation: RA) will be of the following types:
    • Word Mix (Abbreviation: WM) – Word Mix is a simple jumble of letters that need to be unscrambled. Ex: “OHJN” is “JOHN”
    • Trivia (Abbreviation: TR) – Trivia questions require simple answers about Terminator Salvation. You may often be directed to the website to find the answer.
    • Partial Transmission (Abbreviation: PT) – Partial transmission is a simple letter, word or combination of both that you must fill in and then reply with the complete message. Ex: “_O_N” is “JOHN”
  2. Skynet Warnings (Abbreviation: SW) are informational messages related to the war between humans and machines.
  3. Terminator Salvation Updates (Abbreviation: TSU) are information about the film. The updates may also reinforce the instructions and provide tips on how to earn more points.
  4. Status (Abbreviation: STAT) are direct messages that update you on your points and rank in the game

To play the game, the player must reply as quickly as possible to @Resistance2018 with the right answers to the Resitance Assignment to score points.

The Resistance 2018 Website

The Resistance 2018 Website

Cheap Internet Marketing For Game Developers

Twitter is hot right now with everyone and anyone tweeting their day away, and marketing have started to cotton on to it.

Since it’s so easy to just follow someone and then unfollow them, people are a lot more inclined to do it rather than say, join an email newsletter list.
However, people, being people, seem a lot less inclined to actually unfollow someone if they have something interesting to say.

So the end result is that if you have something interesting to say you can actually get quite a following just from twitter alone.

For example, if you had a new game coming out, it would be very simple to setup a twitter channel for that game, get people to sign up via your website and then send out interesting facts to keep people aware of your up-and-coming-game.

To go a step further, like Sony have, you could simple have a list of trivia, questions, to automatically have your website send out to the game’s Twitter channel and parse the replies for game related stuff so make a mini-game of it and keep people interested.

It wouldn’t take much to set up either, a file of questions, a couple of php files, and a cron job gets you an interested audience up to release day.

Something to think about for your next project.

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